Food History

Here at TRG, we recognize the many facets that come with creating a good food shot. Much like portrait photography, each plate, each meal, each recipe has its own personality that needs to be conveyed to the viewer. Careful angle selection and propping helps this inanimate recipe come to life. Likewise, much like product photography, recognizing and lighting for the multiple textures and surfaces within each recipe create the appetite appeal to the viewer. Chocolate cake isn’t chocolate cake without the moist cakey texture catching the light over every delicate crumbly pit and valley. Buffalo wings aren’t buffalo wings without the prominent vibrant color and sheen of the buffalo sauce careening over each wing. After years of shooting and careful consideration, we’ve found that focusing on the personality, texture and lighting give us our most successful food shots. If the image doesn’t get your mouth watering, get you making reservations, or searching the web for recipes then it’s not what we’d consider great and greatness is all we strive for on a daily basis.

Large Project Management

Working with numerous national clients in the durable goods and home decorating industry for over three decades has given us the ability to manage a diverse and complex brand portfolio. We understand the importance of shared elements across multiple product lines and the ability to differentiate the nuances among a brand’s families.

We designate a team to manage and execute each project to ensure quality and efficiency.  The team, depending on project needs, can consist of industrial designers, photographers, animators, stylists, graphic designers, account executives and a project or traffic manager. Each member of the team plays their part to ensure the project is produced, managed and executed to perfection. We will work with clients and other vendors, such as printers or web developers, to create exactly what the client needs.

Absolute accuracy and consistency are very important when it comes to working with a company that has a variety of brands and product lines.  We make sure all SKUs, file names, shot lists and deliverables are followed to perfection in order to maintain precise execution. We maintain an extensive archive of every image we have ever created and are able to get our hands on any image relatively quickly.

Online co-op capabilities further allow for dedicated customer support to ensure all project touch points, time-lines and file deliveries are accounted for and completed as well as an online proofing system so feedback and changes are communicated instantaneously.

FTP file sharing allows easy transfer of reference or final assets between necessary parties.

TRG and our clients have a very close relationship throughout the progress of a project. We maintain a high level of communication between our team and our clients to ensure that there are no surprises or issues when the project gets to the invoicing stage.  Past clients have had a great deal of trust in TRG being as we have such a great connection with them.  We truly become our client’s partners.


We know in this age of content marketing and social media - the basic mantra for everyone is content content content. We understand that getting more "bang for your buck" makes you look like a rock star to your bosses - so we've spent alot of time researching our processes and finding ways to increase our efficiency so you can get much much more for essentially the same cost.

Typically when you book a day for one photographer - you get up to 5 hero shots. We did alot of research and figured out a way to do much better than that. Now - book a day and you will get 5 hero shots, a plethora of detail and background shots as well as a recipe video that shows one recipe being made from start to finish. 

Go ahead and tell your bosses you talked us down in price to get all this extra content - we won't tell. 

Sound Good? Check out our amazing food photography here to get a "taste" of what we can do. See what I did there?